By breaking stereotypes, we can change attitudes. When we change attitudes, we can build a more inclusive and equitable world. We are dedicated to helping the blind and low vision community tell it’s own story. Theirs is a story of strength, courage, achievement and ability.

“I do not want your charities, programs, “benefits” or initiatives. I DO want opportunity and a world where those other things are irrelevant and unnecessary. A world where there are no limits, or labels, and how I am perceived is defined by who I am, not by what I am not. A world where I am able to build a better life for myself and those in my care. That is my desire. The same desire as yours.”

An excerpt from…

Sight Impaired and Vision Rich – A Declaration of Independence

“This site is just what I have been looking for. A venue where we can all ask each other questions without judgement, We can all share our experiences and not feel alone as well as help each other through our ups and downs in our journey through vision loss. It is also a great place to share resources. Thank you for developing this website. I will continue to spread the word to keep the community growing!!” – Sherry, community member

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